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AP Biology Calendar

2.7 Explain how cell size and shape affect the overall rate of nutrient intake and the rate of waste elimination.

Energy Intro - Diffusion

Quiz 1 - Osmosis Questions

2.8 Justify the selection of data regarding the types of molecules that an animal, plant or bacterium will take up as necessary building blocks and excrete as waste products.

Origin of Life Summary

Cell Membrane Bubble Activity

4.1 Explain the connection between the sequence and the subcomponents of a biological polymer and its properties.

2.9 Represent graphically or model quantitatively the exchange of molecules between an organism and its environment, and the subsequent use of these molecules to build new molecules that facilitate dynamic homeostasis, growth and reproduction

Coacervate Lab - Peer Review

4.17 Analyze data to identify how molecular interactions affect structure and function

2.10 Use representations and models to pose scientific questions about the properties of cell membranes and selective permeability based on molecular structure.

Textbook Reading: 458-461

4.22 Construct explanations based on evidence of how variation in molecular units provides cells with a wider range of functions.

Coaservate Lab Design

4.2 Refine representations and models to explain how the subcomponents of a biological polymer and their sequence determine the properties of that polymer.

1.30 Evaluate scientific hypotheses about the origin of life on Earth

Course Expectations

1.32 Justify the selection of geological, physical, and chemical data that reveal early Earth conditions

Textbook Reading: Ch 4, create own notes

1.31 Evaluate the accuracy and legitimacy of data to answer scientific questions about the origin of life on Earth.

Macromolecule structure and function - carbs, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids

Mastering Biology Homework: Online Questions - Ch 4

1.30 Evaluate scientific hypotheses about the origin of life on Earth

Coacervate Lab - Group discussion

2.6 Use calculated surface area-to-volume ratios to predict which cell(s) might eliminate wastes or procure nutrients faster by diffusion.

Quiz 2 - Cell Structure and Function